14 October 2016

One Foggy Morning

I love foggy mornings. I love them. I wish they would last all day so I could have a chance to enjoy them properly. Until that happens, however, I just have to make do with dashing outside wielding a camera and pointing it at anything I can.

Foggy mornings always seem to occur when I have absolutely no time at all to spend taking photos. On this particular morning a mini digger was parked in the yard, waiting for a man to come and dig holes to lay water pipes in.

I took many photos of Jess and Pip. This is the only half decent one. Oh, Pip, the camera isn't going to eat you. Honestly.

She looked more interested when the quad drove past.

Jess on the garden wall, a classic place to take photos.

At a distance Blue Belle blended into the fog.

Foggy mornings make me obsessed with details.

Some soggy pet lambs.

I took these photos back when I still had Nobby.

He was a happy chap, surrounded as he was by his ladies.

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