4 November 2016

Rugged Boys

This morning I visited Fergal, the horse I first photographed at the end of July (here). Now he's fluffy and wearing a nice rug.

He's in a field with ten other handsome horses. Here's one:


This horse was my favourite (sorry, Fergal). He followed me everywhere and liked scratches. He's called Bo.

Bo and Fergal are friends. They share a fashion sense.

Bo and another friend.

Oh - he's spotted me again. More hugs!

Fergal again:

This horse came over to see what was going on.

These two did not - they were too relaxed.

This horse was happy to stay on the top of the hill and eat grass.

Conker, who I met the first time I visited Fergal.

A person with a clicky camera was very interesting for everyone.

Camera Assistant Bo coming over for even more hugs.

Back to Fergal (this one was taken while ducking under Bo's neck).

This horse had rolled off his rug. I found it in a heap in the middle of the field.

Fergal kept his rug on and posed like a pro.

The horse with no clothes.

The black horse.

Rest over, time for eating!

A surprising number of these photos were taken while Bo was standing beside me/behind me/in front of me/in front of the camera. I may be in love.

Grazing on the hill.

Another curious face.

Some of the herd.

Conker standing at the gate.

Nice to meet you, boys!

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