8 November 2016

Swan Lough

One beautiful evening I decided to take Teddy (sporting a new haircut) for a little walk along the lough.

There's a nice view from this bench.

Some cows were enjoying their evening too.

We often paused our walk to take photos.

Quite by chance we bumped into Samson, who lived with us for six months last year. He hasn't forgotten how to pose, anyway.

A family of swans were at one end of the lough.

Teddy sitting on a stile:

One last glimpse of the swans as we headed back to the car.

We were almost at the car when the cows decided to say hello.

Maybe they thought Teddy was one of their own.

I stood at the gate with them for about twenty minutes. They were so friendly. One of them licked my sleeve.

Cows are great.

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