22 December 2016

(Almost) Christmas for Rosie

I'd been waiting for the perfect frosty morning for some weeks. When one at last appeared, I dashed out before dawn and collected Rosie. I then attempted to get a Christmassy photo of her wearing a nice hat.

The first hat may have been a failure, but I had come prepared with a second hat! Ah-ha!

This one, unlike the first, was supposed to be for dogs by design (the first was for human babies). While the chin strap was indeed useful to stop the hat falling off every time Rosie tilted her head, this hat was a bit, well, floppy.

And a bit small.

Suckie had decided to come along too. While Blue Belle and the rest of the lambs were closed in the back part of the yard and Rosie had her photo taken, Suckie was wandering around and baaing at me occasionally when she couldn't find any nuts anywhere.

The she proceeded to pose for photos like the professional she is and completely stole the show from young Rosie.

A few minutes later, once I'd relieved Rosie of her second silly hat and let her off her halter, the pair of them went into my granny's garage. Here Suckie is standing in the doorway.

Rosie was nervous of the garage and left pretty quickly.

But what's that?

Millie looking for her friends. In fact all of the other lambs and Blue Belle had made their way back to the field to wait on Rosie and Suckie's return.

As for Rosie and Suckie, some well deserved nuts were in order, while I continue my quest to find a Santa hat that is perfectly sheep-sized.


  1. Cute pictures! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the perfect sheep hat appears soon, but I think these looked pretty good!