31 December 2016

Deleted Scenes

It may surprise you to know that I take many, many more photographs than those that end up posted on this blog. Instead of a more traditional retrospective of the year using my favourite photos, I've instead decided to use this last day of the year to squeeze in some of the photos that didn't quite make the cut for whatever reason. (And, naturally, some of the photos that didn't make the cut the first time around were cut from this post as well.)

The first lamb of the year, working out - thanks to a lamb born on 31st December 2015 - as the second of the season.

A soggy Pip has been lying in puddles again!

Lambs enjoying their first moments in the outside world.

A fresh bale of silage for the pregnant ewes in the shed is always a cause for excitement.

Young lambs on their way to the fields.

A very young Nobby with hilariously large ears.

Blue Belle and Nobby meet for the first time.

Nobby's first walk.

Teddy relaxing in the lambing shed.

Suckie and Blue Belle enjoy a dusting of snow.

Blue Belle on a walk...

...and pausing to steal some of the sheep's mineral lick. Tasty!

Nova and her lamb.

A little Kerry Hill baby explores the shed.

That time I went to check on Blue Belle and found her stuck in an old ring feeder.

While Blue Belle appeared quite sorry for herself, Suckie looked positively smug.

The morning rush for nuts.

Millie on a walk.

Teddy at sunset.


Suckie modelling the adult-sized blue headcollar.

Teddy being his handsome self.

Teddy being his cuddly self.

An unused photo of cousin Holly from her stay with us this summer.

Blue Belle enjoying summer grazing with the pet lambs.

Wrapping bales.

It's behind you!

Roly poly pony.


Margo at dusk.

The mob.

That time Blue Belle went for a walk to the ewes' field.

Lovely autumn blooms.

A happy Hampshire Down.

Blue Belle and the dogs.

A beautiful evening.

The half moon rises over the pet lambs.

Jess in the doorway.

Bob settling in with his girls.

Blue Belle.

Photographing the super moon...

...with some help.

An extreme close-up of frost on a bale.

Sheila at dusk.

Sunset over mountains.

The stars above us.

Miss Margo.

And finally, Bob eating Blue Belle's tail à la Nobby.

Wow, what a year it has been. Ups and downs, and thousands of photographs.

Happy New Year!
From Ruth, Pip, Jess, Sheila, Teddy, Blue Belle, Suckie, Millie, Margo, Rosie, Honey and Bob.

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