Road Trip

Jess and I took the scenic route on our way to pick up some essentials for lunch this morning.

We came across a small herd of cows. There were claves...

...a bull...

...and a really stunning view.

I stood at the side of the road for over half an hour.

And there I stayed - there was no way I was getting into a field with this chap!

The calves were adorable though.

Everyone was very peaceful in the morning light.

I left them to it.

Jess really wanted to get out and run around, but it was much safer for all if she stayed put. Such a good girl.

Further along the road I couldn't resist stopping to photograph this pony.

At last we reached our destination.

When I have a dog with me, I will inevitably end up buying them a sausage from the deli counter (and a cheeky sausage roll for myself, cos that's how I roll). The dogs all know this.

We had some fun with the sausage pieces and the spare wheel. I asked her to wait, and as you can see she's really concentrating on not looking.

I said she could have it. She didn't need telling twice.

Within moments the sausage was all gone.

Jess still waits in hope for more upon the spare wheel.

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