22 January 2017

E is for Ellie

Ellie is well over a week old and big enough to face the world! The first lambs of the year always end up in this field as it has a very sheltered collection of trees and bushes that runs along the top of an old wall. When I went to find Ellie and her mum, of course they were hidden in here.

Mum kept an eye on me.

There is so much for the little lamb to explore.

Grass! How interesting.

Mummy is very attentive. It's very sweet.

A stone! Interesting.

Ellie is a very brave girl - she's not afraid to explore her new home.

Mum decided it was time to leave the hedge as the grass was much tastier out in the open.

And so begins for Ellie a lifetime of eating grass...

...under mother's supervision, of course.