19 March 2017

Up the Walls

Last Saturday Dad needed to use the lane that runs up one side of my little flock's field, so everyone had to be evicted for a few hours. They waited between the lambing shed and the clipping house - what was once the cow house and the milking parlour.

Bob standing around looking handsome. He does it well, doesn't he.

Millie on the move.

Having not been confined to a small area since they were young, the girls were very interested in the walls.

I had to cut the left tags out of both Rosie's and Margo's ears because they had twisted around and were hurting them. Tags - the bane of my existence.

Honey being herself (a bit goofy, that is).

Margo is the easiest of all to photograph since most of the time she keeps a "safe" distance away because even though I raised her from a baby I am still "scary". She always looks like a diva though.

Standing on this spot, you can really feel the history of the place. How many cows have stood here, I (and the sheep, clearly) wonder.

Lovely Honey.

I love the way sheep lie down. It is adorable.

Blue Belle was of course there too. She has her flock well disciplined - they show the lady the respect she deserves.

Margo even lies down like a diva.


The dents in the tin are all the cows' fault - and you can see the chain to the right of Rosie that was used to keep the unmilked and milked cows separate.

This place is currently home to the Land Rover, and for a few days in the summer this is where the freshly clipped sheep wait to be returned to the fields. Millie admiring her reflection:

Rosie looking at those interesting walls again.

Blue Belle is the boss around here.

And look who's started his halter training!

It's not so bad, Bob. You're so dramatic.


  1. I don't think I have ever really seen sheep laying down - it is very cute.

  2. They are so adorable and have such expression in their faces! Gorgeous pictures.

  3. Bob IS really handsome. But ALL of them are super pretty...even Bob ;-).