19 May 2017

Know Your Knots

As part of their halter training, I tie the girls up for fifteen minutes now and again. Usually I tie them to the hurdles that make their pens, but on this occasion I tied them to the linkbox on the back of the tractor. As the oldest, Penny was first.

What sort of knot is that, Penny?

This is thick enough to stand a lot of nibbles.

Penny is so expressive, I love it.

I was going in descending order of age, so it was Audrey's turn next - although Maggie looked like she wanted to jump the queue.

Audrey has such a sweet face.

It was Maggie's turn next and Anita was coming to her rescue.

Miss Maggie is very easily distinguished from the others with that brown and white woolly face.

Maggie's always on the move.

Standing on the linkbox for some extra height.

The youngest by a month, it was Anita next.

My favourite of her - I just love the way her head is turned.

Good girls.