25 May 2017

Maggie Started It

I have made a pen of sorts for the pet lambs on the lane so they have a little patch of grass all to themselves. They are always eager to outside to nibble on the spring shoots. Of all the lambs, Maggie is the bounciest.

After every bounce there is a moment of calm before...

...everyone has a go!

Sometimes this can lead to collisions.

Grass and...

...spontaneous bouncing.

All lined up at the bottom of the wall.

All that bouncing can make you hungry.

She's off again!

(Anita is often that one second behind everyone else, bless her.)

Maggie has legs like springs.

Penny is always making her dramatic faces.

Another nibble break.

And the cycle begins all over again...

Watch where you're bouncing, Maggie!