1 May 2017

Meeting Magee

Last week Jewel gave birth to a gorgeous colt foal and I could only hold myself back for two days before I went to visit him. When I arrived it was, naturally, raining - but Magee was snug and dry in his little coat.

Jewel did some walking back and forth in front of me to show him off.

Emma leads them to the yard to get Magee's coat off and his headcollar on for his photos.

Just as with his coat, Magee has a bit of growing to do to fit into his headcollar.

Jewel is a very fussy first-time mummy.

Red is Magee's colour!

He can go from innocent to cheeky in a heartbeat!

Emma and her precious babies.

Emma's precious babies and I.

The grey around his eyes and his mouth suggests that he'll lose his colour and become a grey like his dad.

He is very cute.

Jewel checking in on him again.

At the milk bar.


His markings, while he has them, are lovely.

Magee discovers his mother's lead rope.

A handsome little chap.

Emma leads them to the yard to get Magee's rug back on as it's getting cold.

Emma and I retreated indoors out of the wind for a cup of tea. Murphy chilled out with us.

Murphy loves upside down cuddles.

I went back outside again to see the calves. I'd met them previously but it was too dark to photograph them then. It was great to see them in daylight! This is Fiona:

Tyson is hiding...

...and Homer is hiding behind Tyson!

A family portrait with Beauty, Homer, Fiona - and that's Tyson lurking at the back!

One day they'll be this big.

Fiona and Tyson:

Tyson was actually the most co-operative of them all, posing for me like a professional.

Beauty is the calf I fed milk to the last time I was here. I'd never fed milk to a calf  before - calves are much bigger than lambs!

It's hard work being a calf, as Homer demonstrates.

Toffee in her stable.

She has a window through which she can see the ducks.

Sadie, the neighbours' cat, popped around for a visit.

Back indoors to witness Lucy's meerkat impression. It's very good.

Posing on the arm of the sofa.

Meanwhile, Jewel was standing calmly in her field...

...her foal fast asleep at her feet.

Magee was so exhausted from his photo shoot that he didn't even move as I approached.

It's obviously hard work being a foal too.


  1. All those animals are beyond stunning!

  2. Gosh! We don't even know where to start due to the total cuteness overload in this post! Magee is adorable and you can see how proud his mum is! But all the others also rank very high on the adorable scale!