16 June 2017

Boys in the Bog

One evening I visited the boys in the Bog. The Bog is what we call a tiny field we rent that has a stream running down one side and a gate so small even a quad will not fit through it. It is the perfect out of the way place to keep the tips when we need somewhere just for them.

It can be easy to almost forget that the tips exist sometimes whenever they are in these out of the way places - we check on them once a day and then we forget about them until the next morning. I thought I would make it up to them and visit them especially.

This is one of the two Hampshire Down lambs we bought last year:

And this is the other:

The "bigger" of the Kerry Hill boys, now two years old.

Penny's dad, or as I call him, PD. We bought him along with the Hampshires last year.

And in case anyone was wondering this is a classic Texel face.

The "smaller" of the Kerry Hill boys, now two as well.

I think that it's really sweet that they still stick together no matter what. When we first got them as lambs one was noticeably bigger than the other, although now that they're grown the difference is not so obvious.

PD is a very relaxed chap, and this is something his daughter Penny seems to have inherited.

In comparison the Kerry Hills are quite highly strung and they were constantly sneaking around some distance away.

The markings on the "bigger" one are much messier than those on the "smaller".

With markings like those they weren't as sneaky as they thought they were.

Even with all of their sneaking I still managed to get this shot which is my favourite of the two of them.

They are best buddies, it is so cute.

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