24 June 2017

Goodbye, Sunset

A good sunset is ridiculously hard to come by at the moment. The beautiful spring sunsets I was looking forward to rarely materialised, and now the summer ones are being equally elusive, hiding behind clouds. One evening I saw that the low sun was shining so I dashed out to spend the last moments of daylight with my sheep.

Bob is looking very handsome without his wool (and now we know that roundness wasn't just the wool).

Honey and Rosie.

Just as I was getting into my photography groove the sun disappeared behind clouds and my beautiful light was gone, not to return. Ah well, I still had my beautiful Bob.

When he first arrived, Bob would go nowhere near a dog, but now he marches right up to them. Pip, being a sheepdog, naturally found a sheep that wouldn't run away downright terrifying.

Honey again. I am so relieved she is free of her woolly coat. She was filthy.

Rosie is loving being wool free because now when I give her back scratches, she can feel them - she tilts her head back, shakes her tail and licks her lips. It is adorable.

Millie and Margo, however, were not in a photography mood and would rather eat grass, so Pip and I headed for the gate. Pip escaped with little effort and left me to fend for myself against the scary sheep who don't run away.

(Thankfully, I escaped.)