6 June 2017

Windswept Sunset

Despite the strong winds the sky was clear of clouds so I went to spend the sunset with my favourite flock of pet sheep. Blue Belle was sporting the windswept look.

I've been letting her mane grow as long as it likes - we shall speak no more of her embarrassing, bowl-cut-like hairstyle from spring 2016.

The ewes and lambs next door were really curious about her.

They weren't the only ones, it turned out. Margo had a sniff too.

Rosie enjoying some grass.

Blue Belle's mane and tail are good in gauges. The wind on this evening was... windy.

Sometimes I go into the field with these sheep I come out with no photos at all because they won't look at me. This time I decided to embrace it. If all you're going to get is pictures of them grazing, they may as well be stunning ones. And the light on this evening was indeed stunning.

Creeping up on Margo:

Blue Belle and Rosie grazing:

Blue Belle and Millie:

Suckie was still with us at this time.

It makes this stunning grazing photo all the more precious.

Margo loves this post (and I'm only halfway through it).

Bob and Rosie:

Bob is so calm and friendly. He's such a lovely boy.

He can graze handsomely too.

Margo, Millie and Blue Belle:

Hello, Rosie.

It really was a stunning sunset.

I try to get a least one photo of everyone when I'm at it and Honey was last on the list, so I followed her for a while.

Running out of light fast, I got one more of Millie. You can see just how windy it is by her wool.

With one last flare the sun dipped below the horizon.

With the sun went whatever heat there was. I snapped a few quick photos...

...and planned to leave, but then Honey came over for scratches, closely followed by Bob, and I ended up staying out in the cold for a further twenty minutes as I gave everyone the scratches they wanted.

With company like this, it didn't really matter.

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  1. Truly the most amazing light. Worth every bit of wind-caused misery to capture it.