28 July 2017

Fly Avoidance Tactics

It was a warm Sunday afternoon so I went outside to sit with my flock. Rosie, ever the sweetie, ran over to see me.

Just look at that profile!

As they grazed the pet lambs got closer and closer.

Audrey trotted over to see me.

Maggie and Penny too.

Flies were everywhere, and poor Bob seemed to be attracting most of them. So he just lay down.

Margo, meanwhile, had taken to hiding under the bushes.

Her hiding place had snacks.

Penny was only here because she followed me.

Honey had one-upped Margo, and was actually hiding in the bush.

I checked in on Bob. He was still lying where I'd left him.

Rosie was enjoying the grass.

Audrey was a darling and came to lie down beside me and chew her cud.

Some time later, once Audrey had finished chewing her cud, I checked on Bob again. He was still lying there.

(He's even in the background of this photo of Margo I took while I was leaving, still lying down - can you spot him?)


  1. Poor Bob looks just like me when we have a heatwave!

  2. Outstanding photos, as always! The flies this year seem to be particularly awful.