18 August 2017

Eight Sheep and a Pony

I love this gate. One of the farm originals, it looks out onto the yard. When the animals stand behind in there is a lovely view, and it's my favourite place to have my pets because I can see them from the kitchen window or when I'm driving on the lane.

 Blue Belle's dieting on her tiny field has stopped because she'd eaten it bare and her feet kept getting dirty. Now she's living the round life.

She's accompanied by my eight pet sheep and lambs.

The two brown ladies, Maggie and Millie.

With Honey gone there's only the two of them with brown faces.

Blue Belle and the sheep love to stand at this gate because they can see out into the yard.

Anita, the baby of the flock, is absolutely huge now.

Rosie still follows me everywhere.

And Audrey does too.

Maggie being glamourous:

Audrey still hasn't grown into her ears.

Maggie and Penny relaxing by Blue Belle's tiny field. The grass is starting to grow in there again, but I know the moment I'd put her in there it'd turn into a mudbath.

So freedom it is. She's not complaining.

Here comes Audrey!

She has a very dainty walk with tiny strides that is very cute.

Getting a decent photo of Penny is extremely difficult, but I'm very happy with this one.

Margo, Maggie and Bob enjoying the longer grass at the field's edges:

I can't pay attention to the sheep for long before Blue Belle comes over to get strokes too.

I love having the family together.


  1. You and your family look very contented together. Great photos.

  2. Um, Blue Belle looks like she could use a grazing muzzle ;-). https://www.smartpakequine.com/pt/grazing-muzzle-1731 I use them here in the spring and early summer or whenever the grass is too lush and it's saved one of my horses lives. Seriously. Grass founder is not fun...even though she's pretty darn cute that chubby :-).

    1. I have considered a grazing muzzle for Miss Blue Belle before, as all she has to do is look at a single blade of grass and it goes straight to her hips! I just don't like the idea of leaving something on her head in the field - even an everyday headcollar can't be left on her for a photoshoot because she'll keep scratching and running her head along the ground until it is off.

      I put her on a diet today. Daytime in the yard and night in the field until she shrinks a little. This is why I love having the family together - it only lasts about a week before Blue Belle has to go on a diet again!