1 August 2017

The Bluff

The lambs have been weaned from their mothers for a few weeks now and have started on lamb nuts. Every time we drive a quad into the field the lambs come running. On one evening there was a nice sunset (rare these days with all the cloud cover we've been having) so I dashed out on the quad to see the lambs. Predictably, they came running.

Even those that were far away kept a close eye on me in case I'd brought them something to eat.

Hey, look, it's the little lamb from The Audience.

Iris's ewe lamb. Still a lot of growing to do into those ears.

It was a bit hazy in the distance.

I sat and let my subjects come to me.

This one was very dramatic.

More and more curious lambs came over to see me.

A nice Kerry Hill.

Two nice Kerry Hills.

Swallows and churches.

I would probably made a bad pedigree sheep breeder - I just love that our flock is a mixture of all sorts, and that every face is different and has its own character.

A late arrival to the party.

This one has a nice face.

I like in this one how the lamb appears to be looking at the bay in the background.

A nice speckled Kerry Hill.

A head poking over the hill.

More varied faces:

Some of the lambs had started to catch on that I was bluffing and went back up the hill to their favourite place to sit.

The sun was casting long shadows. This lamb was sleepy.

Some of the lambs went to the feeder to double check that I was bluffing.

Sorry, guys.


  1. I love all the different faces too :-). Especially the speckly ones!

  2. Oh they are so precious! I have missed visiting your blog! Your pictures are beautiful as always!

  3. Stunning portraits. Love them all!