27 August 2017

Them Indoors

I have hardly taken any photos this month because the weather has been so atrocious. Thankfully there is still a small collection of lambs indoors to photograph on rainy days.

One of the twins, known as the 71 Sisters:


Kerry Hill 71 Sister:

The Lamb With Joint Ill (she got better, don't worry):

The Boy From the Crate:

There is quite the collection of lambs without proper names.

The Kerry Hill's twin:

Titch, with only one horn left because he's been fighting:


Titch again:

Lamb With Joint Ill:

Kerry Hill 71 Sister:


Blind Lamb (that is not Bart):

Kerry Hill 71 Sister:



I took these photos just before feeding time so as soon as I got out they wanted to know where their tea was.

I suffered for these photos. The lambs jumped up on me with sharp hooves and ate my camera, clothes and hair. But I survived and they were promptly fed!

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