11 September 2017


One morning it was amazing. There was fog! And a rising sun! It was a sign that my favourite season is not far away. I dashed outside straight after breakfast to take advantage of this wonderful morning. Millie was looking majestic.

Margo too.

You can see the water droplets on Bob's back.

Damp Audrey:


Penny turned to gold in the morning light.

Bob (with Penny and Anita in the background):

I love crisp mornings like this. There's something magical about them, the way the animals' breath hangs in the air...

Nobby's tree is the favourite spot to stand and is highly sought after.

The lambs had to settle for the gate.

Bob relaxing with the lambs.

(Pip was lurking.)

Rosie grabbed the spot under Nobby's tree.

Anita had placed herself in front of the gate, barricading me in.

Uh... help?


  1. They all have such personality in their eyes! Just love them - also neat that their fur is such different shades

  2. This is my favorite time of year, too. Lovely photos, as always!

  3. Rosie looks quite smug at having the tree spot.