20 September 2017

Puppies and Foals and Chicks and Calves, Oh My...

On Monday I had the pleasure of visiting Drumlee Farm to catch up with Magee, but before that I had to meet the puppies!

This is Millie, Mark's new puppy, who was over to visit for some puppy playtime.

And this is Holly, Drumlee Farm's newest resident.

They make such a cute pair!

Holly is the quieter of the two, with floppy ears...

...while Millie has pointy ears and a can-do attitude to life!

Holly is very good at the posing.

Mark and I took the puppies outside for a pee break, and we had our backs turned for one minute to say hello to Skew when...

...we turned around to find Millie in the flowerpot!

And this is Millie falling out of the flowerpot.

I said hello to Dash too.

Then I went to see Magee, who has grown so much since I first saw him five months ago.

Millie was off home, and Holly was safely in the living room.

I was introduced to these two chicks.

And the rooster introduced himself.

This is Jess the pet hen.

The calves have grown so much since I last saw them.

The adults were just as curious as the babies.

Homer has completely changed colour!

I find this photo oddly satisfying.

Beauty is still a beauty.

We returned to the house, where Lucy was ousted in favour of the cute puppy.

Holly settled on the red blanket.

All of this excitement...

...can be a bit tiring.

Sweet dreams, Holly.


  1. Love all the animals but the puppies won my heart.

  2. Wonderful post. But I found myself worrying about the hair obscuring the puppies vision. What breed are they? The feather pattern on the hen and rooster is amazing; I've not seen this breed before.
    Do you think Magee's spots will remain a grey color? I've seen black and brown spots, but never grey. Poor Lucy feels left out.

    1. The puppies are both pedigree West Highland White Terriers, albeit from different breeders. I wouldn't worry about the hair if I were you - they're not the hairiest breed I can think of (the Old English Sheepdog springs to mind) and the little puppies had no trouble navigating indoors or out.

      The hen and rooster are a breed called Silver Laced Wyandotte - American, as it happens. They are very striking indeed.

      As for Magee, his mother is skewbald as you can see, but his father is a grey that has faded completely to white. He may stay as he is now for a few more years before fading further, but really there's no way of knowing.

      Lucy got plenty of hugs to make up for her "neglect", I can assure you! :)