7 October 2017

Early Breakfast?

It was a beautiful morning so I headed out with my camera first thing to capture some of that morning light.

I went to see the tip lambs. They are fed a mixture of rolled barley and intensive lamb nuts once a day and associate the sound of the quad with food. This lamb was quick on the ball.

I parked near the feeder and waited. More lambs soon came.

But when they realised that the feeder was empty they were quite upset and demanded an explanation.

Others were considering coming over to the feeder too.

There had been both frost and fog.

I was still being peacefully protested at.

More lambs appeared.

And they too demanded to know where their breakfast was.

Quite a crowd was gathering.

(Hey, look, it's the newborn lamb from The Audience.)

History repeats. This lamb came running over, expecting breakfast.

Discovered that the feeder was empty.

Demanded to know why.

Still the protests continued, and the sun continued to shine.

Another fool.

A handsome peaceful protester.

Others were considering it. Maybe the feeder would magically fill for them.

The poor lambs were soaked with melted frost.

Mornings like this one is what I love autumn for.