19 October 2017

Introducing Mabel and Morag!

Back in April I visited Drinn View and was very impressed with their Scottish Blackface ewes and lambs. So impressed, in fact, that I asked if I could buy a couple of lambs. It was a very long wait, but worth it as they're here now and they're gorgeous!

This the Mabel, the larger of the two:

And this is little Morag, who always hides behind Mabel when she's scared:

Out of the trailer at their new home.

Morag jumping for joy!

They're not pets so they will have to be admired from a distance most of the time.

Welcome to your new home, ladies!


  1. It will be interesting to see how they fit in with the rest of the herd. Your countryside is just beautiful.

  2. They have lovely faces. Such green pastures and hills!