3 March 2018

I'm Dreaming of a White... Birthday?

It's supposed to be the beginning of spring, but what we have instead is yet another blanket of snow. This is the first time there has been snow on my birthday. It added to the fun of the day! I took Fly out to the field to meet my flock for the first time, and to check on them because it was very cold and I hadn't seen them all day.

I needn't have worried. They were all rummaging behind the hedge where there were taking shelter from the biting wind. And as usual, Blue Belle looks simply stunning in snow.

The sheep were busy trying to find something to eat. (I don't want to provide extra feed for them until after the lambs are born. If there are any.)

Audrey is well protected against the cold with that long fleece.

Penny had some snow stuck on her nose.

The snowfall became heavier and everyone - including me - headed for the shelter of the hedge.

Fly was too scared to come any closer.

The shelter provided snacks.

I asked Fly to come over but she just did a big circle.

Rosie looks amazing in snow too.


...and Morag are right at home in the snow. (And hedges, apparently.)

Audrey is covered in hedgy evidence.

Bob tried to go and say hello to Fly. She bravely ran away.

This is the face of a ewe who's fed up with me asking her if she's pregnant every time I see her. I mean, she is very wide...

Fingers still crossed!


  1. We're getting a little tired of snow here, but these pictures make it seem so pretty! I'm still not going to be hoping that we get any more snow, but I loved looking at these photos!