16 April 2018

The Great Outdoors

At just over a week old, Margo's boys were ready for the big world.

They were at the top of the hill, but before I could get there I had to dodge the incoming Penny.

You don't have to dodge Morag because she's too nervous to come too close.

I finally reached the top of the hill. Everyone looked very happy!

Hello, Morag.

Bob travels at his own speed.

Auntie Rosie giving Angus a sniff.

...It's behind you!

Fly was just lying around.

But she came when I called!

Angus and Andy were running too.

A game of chase around mum is lots of fun.

Auntie Penny investigates.

Auntie Maggie saying hello to Angus.

Hopefully Penny will have a lamb or two with her this time next year.

Bob won't, he's just here for decoration. And he does a very good job.