29 May 2018

Early Morning Fog

A foggy morning is always worth going outside early for. The pet sheep were very sluggish. Margo and Andy were sitting comfortably.

Everyone was taking their time to get up.

Andy is so handsome.

Angus and mum are never far away.

Meanwhile Bob seemed to be babysitting Millie's girls, Abby and Annie.

Rosie was looking lovely so early in the morning.

I told you Charollais faces changed - Annie looks completely different!

A moment to look at Bob...

But Annie! It was like her face had changed overnight. Abby remains unchanged, so far...

Who's going to end up looking the most like mummy, I wonder...

Maggie and Morag take over babysitting duties.

Angus and Andy.

Maggie coming over for cuddles.

And Penny is always herself.

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