4 June 2018

Blue Belle Helps (Herself)

Esther, meet Blue Belle. She will be helping me feed you this evening.

Partly Blue Belle was there for the novelty, and partly because she had a new headcollar to test. It's a bit on the large side but it's also comfortable.

Blue Belle started helping... herself to the flaked maize for the lambs.

Esther might as well have been tapping Blue Belle on the shoulder and saying, "Excuse me?"

Heather and Violet looked on.

"That's our flaked maize!"

Violet fits snugly.

Heather smiles for the camera.

What a long neck you have.

The boys waited impatiently for their milk.

Esther got her milk first.

Blue Belle and Martin meet.

When it was Flora's turn, Blue Belle seemed to have had enough milk.

She wandered off.

But came back when it was this boy's turn.

I fed some in the pens for handiness.

Then Blue Belle decided to help herself again, only this time it was to the high-energy lamb nuts. Well I wasn't having any of that, so she was tethered to keep her out of trouble until I had the job done.

I continued to feed the lambs, without "help".

Liz was last.

Everyone was returned home with a full tummy.

Even Blue Belle the food thief.

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  1. Oh Blue Belle! Those poor little lambs look so offended that she'd steal their maize ;) Such cute pictures of everyone--including your "helper."