2 July 2018

Another Sunset With the Flock

One of my favourite things to do is go outside just as the sun is setting and spend some time photographing my sheep. I'm often met by Blue Belle, who likes standing by the gate.

My presence is soon known of, and sheep come running from all over the field.

Abby, Annie and Andy.

The twins.

Morag with a lens flare hair accessory.

Annie with her temporary face fuzz.

The lambs make Morag look big, but Rosie makes everyone look small!

Here comes Maggie.

Andy and Angus having a drink.


Uncle Bob and Millie's family.


Margo and her boys.





Millie and her girls.

Morag has a smear of something Not Nice.


Abby, Annie and Andy.


Morag keeping Bob company.

The majestic twins.

Jess was there too, helping.

Bob relaxing.


She's a bit scruffy because she needs clipped.

Angus and Andy watched...

...as Auntie Rosie had a play.

It's great to see an adult sheep let loose and have some fun! Show over, she started to eat and I walked to the gate...

...where Blue Belle greeted me again!

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