27 July 2018

Early Summer (In Summary)

Early June saw the adult sheep very happy. The weather was warm, the grass green, and they were rid of their heavy fleeces. If I see one of my sheep running towards me...

...I know the others aren't far behind.

Millie has done so well with her lambs. They're gorgeous.

Annie is the braver of the two.

Morag and Maggie have struck up a friendship.

Bob spends every possible moment sitting on this hill.

It was a beautiful day, and it was great to see everyone so happy.

Morag always looks good.

Angus and Andy are growing fast. As with Annie and Abby, one is cheekier than the other. In this case it's Andy.

A few days later I threw out the oldest pet lambs. Blue Belle was left to look after them. I didn't ask her to do it - she just does.

There's nothing there for you, Olive.

Heather has no concept of personal space.

The late Violet, followed by Olive, Lois and Heather.

It was a great year, weather-wise, for putting lambs outside. There's nothing worse for lambs than cold and rain, and we had neither.

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