20 August 2018

Sunday Sunset With the Pets

I've said it before and I'll say it a hundred times more: spending sunset in the field with my pet sheep is one of my favourite things to do. When I arrived, the lambs had all been lying down, having a snooze...

...under Blue Belle's watchful eye.

Lois and Heather on their way.

Lois did some posing for me.

Soon the whole flock was coming to see me.

Rosie being pretty.

I look a lot of pictures of Millie and the lambs.


Flora always comes over for some attention!

As if she isn't tall enough, Heather jumped up on the wall so she could look around.

I always laugh at Heather's nose. Just look at it.


Lovely Flora.

Esther is still the smallest - and arguably the cutest.

She and Flora are best friends.

The sun disappeared behind the hills. Morag was keeping watch.

Handsome Bob.

Andy on the wall.

Poor Penny ripped her ear tag out, leaving her ear very sore for a few weeks. Thankfully it has now healed up!

Little Annie.


Rosie had perfected the over the shoulder look.


A meeting of two Hampshire Downs.

With the sun set the temperature went down and everyone was so happy they started playing!

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