1 August 2018

The Biggest Lamb

Every morning when we go to the field to feed the lambs, we are greeted by the lambs and... their friend.

Blue Belle takes it upon herself to keep an eye on the babies. (She even lets them bump into her and nibble her tail.) It's really very sweet.

Esther gets very excited for her breakfast.

They all do!

The late Violet.

Blue Belle's patience seems endless.

She obviously enjoys the company of the little lambs.

I can't say I blame her - they are adorable!

I love seeing this every morning!


  1. Boy they are adorable! We just attended a Scottish Festival and they had Shetland sheep, have you seen them?

    1. I have seen lots of pictures but no in person. I bet they're really tiny! :)

  2. Such cute pictures! I think I'd probably want to hang out with the lambs, too, if I had the choice ;)