26 September 2018

Breakout Character

This is a ewe.

She was about to be loaded onto a trailer and taken to a sale, but decided instead to jump the nearest fence which happened to be the fence around the field where my sheep were staying. So she temporarily became one of the flock (and she's still here, I don't think she's going anywhere now - she earned a pardon).

My beautiful Rosie.

Lovely Heather.

Precious little Esther.


Rosie is very big, bless her. She's making the most of her grass.

Penny is as expressive as ever.

And there's my Bobbers. I love him.

Andy is very friendly and loves scratches, but because of hormones he has also gotten so aggressive, he's downright dangerous to be in the field with. That's why I hide behind Bob.


  1. Replies
    1. She doesn't have a name yet, but she has earned one! I might call her Skippy.