20 December 2018

Nice To See You, To See You Nice

Today Sue was reunited with her brother, Bruce, for the first time since Emma and I brought them to their new homes. Bruce has grown so much in the four weeks since Sue and I last saw him. He's going to be such a big boy! Bruce was laid back and a little bit shy while Sue was very excited.

He looks so much like Sue - they have the same ears!

Sue was running rings around him, jumping on him and grabbing his back legs. His smaller sister was merciless!

Sue on the attack!

The poor fella got no peace.

He did play a little bit. Here's some paw action.

Sue doesn't know how to treat guests very well.

The cutest siblings ever!

Bruce is so cute!

We'll see you after Christmas, Bruce.

1 comment:

  1. Awww, these two are adorable,love their fluffy tipped ears.
    It's surprising how they can look so similar but be very different in temperament.
    Wish I had your photography skills !