10 December 2018

Sue's Baby Photo Shoot

Photo shoots for human babies involve props and blankets - so why not for puppies? On her first day at her new home, I took some photos of Sue in the yard. I bought a wooden box back in the summertime that I thought would be nice for photos, and it was perfectly puppy-sized. I fetched the sheepskin rug from my granny's house and the set-up was complete.

Even if she found the box comfortable, getting her to stay in it was a challenge. There was so much to explore!

Finally, my persistence payed off and I got my picture. Sue got a hug as a thank you.


  1. Great Pics !
    Sue is beautiful, and well done for keeping her still long enough to take them.
    Look forward to seeing more pics as she grows.

  2. She's so cute! These turned out great even if she wasn't the most cooperative model ;)