24 January 2019

Ewes Round-Up

This year we're doing the lambing differently. We've cut down on our number of ewes, put the tips in a month later than usual, and we're keeping them outside for longer. Usually the first job after Christmas is to bring the ewes into the shed, but this year we're only now bringing them home. Fly is our number one helper when it comes to rounding up sheep in the field. (I took these photos while also driving a quad - although I did of course slow down to actually take the pictures - so they're not my best.)

The low winter sun was very strong. These ewes are living on silage and licks, but once they're home they can have nuts added to their diet to build strength up to lambing.

Sheep out through the gate, it's up the lane they go...

Nearly in the pen... (Spot Prudence! It's quite easy, really - she's the black one.)

The gate is shut and the ewes are rounded up. Fly is pleased. That'll do.

Now we've just got to get them all home.

A busy afternoon ahead...


  1. Teamwork !
    Fly looks happy to be part of it all and enjoy a ride in the box too :)
    The weather looks very good for January.