19 January 2019

Get the Good Side

Sue is a very clumsy puppy - she certainly lives life to the fullest, throwing herself around with wild abandon. Just yesterday she was running full pelt to catch up with Cousin Holly, tripped over herself, and slid off the grass and onto the concrete lane. I was worried she had hurt her chin because I'm sure rubbing your chin along the ground at speed would not be good. But Sue just got up and carried on as if nothing had happened! She's a tough little cookie, I'll give her that.

She must have had a scrape on one of our walks because there's a little line under her right eye where she has lost a little hair. She's always bumping into things and scaring her poor mummy (that's me) so I don't know where she managed to hurt herself this time. The line does no harm, it's just not very photogenic. Thankfully Sue is learning about posing for the camera!

And here are a couple of outtakes that made me chuckle:

Sue's sly fox look!

Those ears! (And you can clearly see her little boo-boo under her right eye.)


  1. Sweet Sue! Barley did that to herself once, too--and it was right before she got to come to work with me for the first time and all of the sudden she had a gash under her eye. Thankfully, she's cute enough that nobody else seemed to notice that she had a scratch, so I'm sure that Sue's booboo bothers you more than anyone else, too ;)