26 January 2019

Snow Morning

Wednesday was a snow day - well, morning. It was sort of white for a few hours. But even the lightest dusting of snow can transform the landscape, so of course I was out with the dogs and my camera as soon as possible. As long as Holly had a ball she was happy.

But happiness is delicate sometimes - annoyance incoming!

We made it to the field and Sue went off to explore, leaving Holly and I to pose, fetch and repeat.

Until... ambush!

Sue returned, and didn't bother to fetch the ball. She just waited until Holly had almost returned to me before intercepting. To Sue's credit, she was persistent, and to Holly's credit, Sue's ambush didn't work once.

My little cross-eyed attack puppy. Bless.

But playtime was about to get a bit more complicated...

The sheep, who had been grazing at the bottom of the hill, out of sight, had wandered towards us and all at once we were spotted and approached at speed.

Sue was very excited about this. I had to watch her extra carefully in case she gave chase.

Holly, meanwhile, was running circles around me (and, by extension, the sheep), trying to work out how to get close enough to me to give me the ball without being attacked by giant woolly nibble monsters.

Eventually she dropped the ball, but she had competition for it from Liz.

Cilla is still very flighty around dogs and didn't come too close.

Olive is a bit braver.

I love this photo! One of those happy accidents you can never plan for. Sue's paw in mid-air, her white-eyed look at me, poor Holly cross-eyed as Sue grabs her collar (and maybe her neck?). It just cracks me up!

Holly and Flora have a stare-off.

Another fetch because it's fun!

Liz kept following me. She has really come out of her shell - ever since I got her she has been quiet and kept to herself but in the last month or so she has become a really cheeky troublemaker!

What's Holly staring at?

Oh, it's Flora again.

Liz still wants that ball.

Holly can only watch.

I love Rosie's knees. A random thought, I know, but look at them.

Holly worked out that she could escape the sheep by going under the gate. But being out there meant to fetch, so she came straight back as Sue and Millie looked on.

The gang at the gate. I had already fed them but they were hoping I had forgotten.

More yard photos!

This one may not be completely in focus but I love it.

Holl Doll.

And Sue.

They really had fun on their snow morning.

Sue's first snow!


  1. Love these pics, and descriptive comments.
    That little flying hellion in the 3rd pic made me laugh, and so pretty in the snow last pic :)
    So funny how Holly and Sue interact about the ball and even the sheep joined in.
    Rosie does have very uniquely marked knees !

  2. That looks like a blast! We've been getting in some good snowy fun lately, too. I love that photo of the sheep at the gate--gorgeous!