22 January 2019

Sue and Bruce Go To School: Week 3

Halfway through our puppy class and things can only get better, right? Last week Sue was a handful - this week, she was several handfuls! She just gets so excited to be there! So many friendly people to lick and jump at! So many puppies to sniff and play with! It's all very exciting for her little brain!

All this excitement adds up to zero focus - not even a fun toy or sausage wagged right in front of her nose will get her attention. So I'm having to focus for the both of us, and then hopefully at home we can put some of the lessons into practise. Last night's lessons were "leave it" and walking on a lead. I tried "leave it" with her this morning and she did very well. Another positive is that she's learning "play dead" at record speed. Just two lessons! She's clever when she wants to be.

In the meantime I continued to photograph more of our classmates. This is Teddy, not to be confused with my Teddy, a Yorkie.

Sue made friends with shy Spaniel Toby. He was even play bowing with her!

I always leave my camera in my bag until class is over, and by this point in the evening Bruce is ready for home. The only thing flatter than him would be a pancake.

Bruce did very well this week. His confidence is building with every lesson.

Sue turns her puppy dog eyes on me and I can't stay cross at her.

Really, though, I am thrilled at how brave she is. Collies are very sensitive and she has every reason to be nervous in this noisy, busy environment, and she simply isn't. She's extremely friendly and outgoing. She's still just three months old so I'm not worried - we have lots of time for the serious training stuff.

She did fall fast asleep in the car on the way home, though! It was adorable.


  1. I continue to be impressed by Sue's bravery! Rye still freaks out when we go to new places (until she figures out that we're there to do her favorite thing: agility) and we have to work really hard on her confidence in new areas. You have such cute classmates, too!

  2. Class is like a party for Sue with all those new friends to play with but least she is learning at home, clever girl learning to play dead.
    Poor Bruce, it's all too much for him but good he is getting more confident.
    That Yorkie puppy is a cute little hair explosion !