22 February 2019

Bob the Midwife

Penny is very heavily pregnant and she could lamb at any time now, really, or she could lamb in a month. I don't know, but I was happier having her indoors where I could keep a much closer eye on her. If she gets into difficulties lambing, which is likely as this is her first pregnancy and she's a Texel.

While she's inside, she can still look stylish.

For company she has Bob. He's helping me keep an eye on her.

Her next door neighbours are Ollie and Jack.

One thing that every pet lamb learns to do is climb up on the trough for extra height. It's been two years since Penny was here, doing the same thing as a lamb. Now she's so big she doesn't really need the height boost...

And there's proof that Bob was never a pet lamb if you ever needed it - he doesn't know to do that!

(But oh my goodness, look at the size of Penny's tummy! I'm guessing twins, maybe black ones. Let's see, shall we? Wish her luck for a smooth birth!)

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