5 February 2019

Sue and Bruce Go To School: Week 5

Last night's puppy class was about meeting strange people and strange dogs. For Sue this was no trouble at all. She loves meeting new people and dogs. She also stole Khal the American Cocker's toy! She had a great time.

Bruce seems more cautious by nature, so he was a little more nervous of the strange dog. But he did really well!

Mark brought Emma to class this week so there was someone available to take a picture of us.

It's our final class next week! The 6 weeks are flying by.


  1. I have a new Rough Collie, Maggie, who decidedly looks like a cousin to these two :-)

  2. Sues ears still can't make up their mind can they.
    Great pics of you and Emma holding the pups, and puppy kisses :)
    You are not going to be able to pick these pups up much longer, they are growing so fast !