19 February 2019

Sue Helps Out

Sue loves to help feed Ollie and Jack.

As with every other living thing she encounters, Sue wants to be their friend.

Ollie and Jack get very excited at feeding time.

Sue loves licking noses.

She does leave the lambs when the kettle's boiling, however, as she knows milk is on the way and there might be some left over...

Ollie always drinks first. He's so messy! Milk just goes everywhere.

Sue would like to help with that.

Jack gets fed next, and Sue takes this opportunity to clean him up.

Back in their pen with fully tummies.

Sue plays with the milk bottle.

More kisses.

I'm very proud of Sue for obeying my "stay" command for these shots.

Her stay is coming on pretty well, actually. We've just got to keep working on it.

Those ear positions seem to be here to stay for a while...

1 comment:

  1. Awww ! three cute little faces.
    I think Sue would love to play with her lamb friends but kisses and milk are good too :)
    One of my boys ears were like this at 6 months and just when I accepted his quirky ears were here to stay they changed to both being semi erect at about 7 months.
    Sue's ears could change again yet.