25 February 2019

Windswept Twilight on the Hill

Sometimes I go out to take photos and things go brilliantly. Other times, not! This Sunday evening I took Teddy, Fly and Sue up the hill on the quad to get a three-quarters-of-the-family photo. The light was great, at first, but the dogs weren't playing ball (or posing).

Sue still has to be chained to the quad for her own safety. Until she learns not to jump or fall off all the time and hurt herself, the chain stays.

Three dogs!

Teddy, backlit by the sun as it slipped behind the clouds.

I let Sue down to run around and Fly and Teddy showed her how it's done.

I gave both Fly and Teddy a haircut and it doesn't really look great until it grows out a bit...

Little Sue watching the grown-ups.

It was so windy I was tempted to tether them all down to stop them blowing away.

Sue is trying to learn to jump onto the quad. I'm not encouraging this as her joints aren't fully formed yet. Teddy agrees with me and was there to stop her.

And throughout, Fly was an angel who could do no wrong.

Maybe next time I'll get a family photo I like.


  1. Love to see the dogs, posing or natural.
    Sue's coat is coming in nicely, but as for the other two all I can say is