16 March 2019

Breakfast Served Daily

This year outside winter feeding went on for two whole months longer than usual. Our lambs were due in March and sheep are always at their happiest outdoors. Every morning they had to be checked and fed, and this often happened in pouring rain or a blowing gale or sometimes both.

The larger of the two flocks of pregnant ewes was fed from the snacker first. There was always a rush for breakfast.

I picked a beautiful moment to bring the camera with me.

Larger flock checked, it was the turn of the smaller flock's. They were just over the hill, overlooking the mountains.

Just like with the larger flock, these ladies were keen for breakfast.

After feeding them I headed down the hill to check on Blue Belle. Her field is the furthest away from the yard and the lowest point of the farm. Nowhere for Blue Belle to go but up from here.

By the time I was driving back, the ladies were almost finished with their breakfast.

Every morning Maggie left the flock and came over to us.

She came over to shout at me to give her more food.

Sheep being sheep, she was followed by the rest of the flock - who always looked somewhat confused to be leaving their breakfast early to go over to the gate and shout at the people.

Next to check were the hoggets who had a field that was between the two flocks of ewes.

They are very curious.

The quad and snacker, which drops food for the hungry sheep.

We had stopped because the larger flock needed a new bale of silage and I was waiting on Dad turning up with the bale.

The ewes knew what was coming and started to gather.

They often risk getting squished.

They can't wait for their bale to be unwrapped.

Some of them had patience.

Once the feeder was lifted over the bale it was a free for all.

Breakfast is served!

We left the happy sheep to it.

One of those beautiful winter mornings. They weren't all this pretty!

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