12 April 2019

A Garden Adventure for Rita and Gertie

Meet Gertie. She's a week old. Her mother was a hogget and had twins out in the field just before a massive hail shower. We knew bad weather was coming so we decided to give both lambs a better chance of survival and pet one. Gertie was the one we could catch and here she is.

She's quite mousy looking, with her brown colour and big pink nose. Her mother is one of the Suffolk crosses we bought in last year and her father is Claude the Charollais, making her a mixture of Suffolk, Cheviot and Charollais. A very cute mixture!

Her friend Rita is a two-week-old Kerry Hill cross (likely with a Texel or Lleyn) and she's super cute too.

Rita and Gertie had their first adventure outside in the garden. I was hoping that they would mow the lawn for me while they were exploring, but no such luck.

Rita did attempt to trim the hedge...

While they were growing in confidence by the minute, they still liked to check that I was there.

When it came time to step off the garden path and onto the grass, Gertie got scared and wouldn't walk onto the grass. Thankfully Rita was on hand to "rescue" her.

Panic over, it was back to exploring.

All of this exploring is quite tiring.

Like any old farmer's garden, this one has a rhubarb patch. I would be much happier about that if I liked rhubarb.

Now, any volunteers to cut the lawn?

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