4 April 2019

Esther (and Tilly) in Ombré

I can only find sheep halters in the same colours - white, off white, and that's it - and so I decided to try dyeing some into fun colours myself. Using a sink and a bucket I dyed my first halters - pink, of course. I had Tilly and Esther try the ombré one out for me.

It is very pink!

It's so much more fun and colourful to look at.

This was only Tilly's second halter lesson and already she's brilliant.

The part of the rope that is on the sheep's head is the darkest, and then it gradually gets lighter. I'm really pleased with it. Dyeing is fun!

Tilly is so cute! Such a calm, sweet little sheep.

The halter is lamb-sized, but then Esther isn't much bigger than a lamb anyway. The halter was just a little on the small side for her but really it was barely noticeable.

Ollie really liked it too.

Esther looks so cute whatever she wears.

I'm definitely going to be dyeing some more halters.

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