16 May 2019

Delamont Country Park

Last Sunday was spent in a beautiful place with wonderful company. Sue was there, of course.

So was Sue's brother Bruce and Emma.

The location was Delamont Country Park. I spent a few Sundays here during my childhood with my family, but it was so long ago that I had forgotten almost everything about the place. Like that it's quite hilly, but the views are worth it.

And trust me to find sheep wherever I go!

She's "stay" is coming along really well. I'm very proud. (I'm not going to tell her that it took Jess just a week to learn the same.)

As the slower walker, this was my view for most of the walk. Bruce led the way, keeping his ladies safe.

The hills were very worth it.

Bruce and Sue enjoyed their time together.

A man was at work in his tractor.

Another hill.

The sheep are very calm around dogs which is wonderful. Sue got to say hello.

Handsome Bruce.

It was also a very warm day, and a few hills later we were all like Sue here:

After our walk, I suggested we have a go on the miniature train. The driver was very kind and let the puppies have a go. Bruce was a bit too big to fit!

She's a little smaller so she was more comfortable and looked around almost the whole way.

After our big adventure, we simply had to have a dog friendly pub lunch.

Sue's best begging face.

Fun was had by all. We'll have to make these Sunday adventures a habit!


  1. Just lovely! Stimulating countryside and dear doggies! Thanks for sharing.

  2. ^^ I agree ! ^^
    Good to see Sue and Bruce together , both gorgeous and so alike :)