1 June 2019

Hoggets For Home

While waiting for my dad to return with the trailer so we could move these sheep, I passed the time with some photography.

These hoggets (one-year-old ewes) are growing nicely. Second from the left is Abby, one of Millie's twins from last year.

Three of my hoggets are in this picture; Luna, daughter of the late Nova, is on the left, then there's Abby and a random hogget, and then there's Annie, Abby's twin sister. Even though Millie had no lambs this year, I'm excited to see how her lambs get on in the main flock.

That little lamb is Gertie's twin sister. We thought it best that the ewe reared one lamb rather than two, as she is only a hogget and the lambs were small. Gertie's sister is now much larger than her!

Fly kept watch over the hoggets.

Has there ever been a sweeter dog? I don't think so.

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