16 June 2019

Yet Another Sunset With the Pets

What can I say? I just love spending sunset out in the field with my pet sheep! Rosie was busy looking after Barnaby.

Bridget, Penny's largest triplet, is massive!

It's not often that everyone poses nicely in a row for me.


Rosie checking on Barnaby - again. She's very fussy!

Flora on the wall.

Mother and son.

A very nice picture of Rosie but Barnaby, what are you doing?

Penny's massive eye and her torn ear. I was so upset when that happened.

A very dramatic backdrop for Heather!


My wee Esther.

Heather was busy being dramatic...

...when little Barnaby decided to join her and try being dramatic too.

He received some pointers.

Penny and her black and white mini me.

Flora relaxing.


Bob came over for some scratches.

Esther with her wool is just a ball of fluff.

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