24 July 2019

Railway Walk With Jess

Sundays at the moment, for whatever reason, have been turning out wet and rainy. Jess and I nipped out for a wee walk one Sunday before the showers kicked in.

My whole life I have driven past here and never stopped to go on this short walk along an old railway track. I couldn't have chosen a better time to go - the flowers beside the track were in full bloom.

This is a great place for Jess because it's quiet and there are few dogs to trigger her anxiety.

Posing on the bridge.

Jess's snood is by Luna's Loft, her collar by Embarc Studio and her lead is a homemade one.

Anyhoo, these flowers! I was so thrilled to see them because I missed the best of the bluebells this year.

I was glad there was a bridge over this water.

Everything was so colourful!

There's a very busy, fast main road just over this wall but Jess posed like a true professional.

Even with all of those pretty flowers, this turned out to be my favourite shot of the day. I just really like it, not sure why.

So proud of my girl Jess!