25 August 2019

Bloomin' Lovely Sunflowers in Moira

Today Teddy and I took time off from being busy farmers to spend some time in the magical sunflower fields in Moira. First we had to walk down a glorious country lane (honestly I could have just walked on a lane like this for a while, never mind the sunflowers - I adore these old lanes).

Teddy is just starting to moult so I thought we'd get one last walk in before he's shedding hairs everywhere and looking scruffy for a few weeks.

There are four fields of sunflowers and one field of grass. It's so big it has a map to help you navigate!

I love this lane!

When you then enter a field of sunflowers, and start walking amongst the 1.7 million blooming sunflowers, it's magical.

Teddy loved it too!

We spent a long time just wandering around amongst these giant flowers.

I even found a Teddy-height one for him to enjoy.

An absolutely wonderful afternoon out and all proceeds go to charity which is an added bonus.