18 August 2019

RBSTNI Annual Show & Sale 2019

Yesterday I attended the rare breeds show and sale held in Gosford Forest Park. The event was recommended to me by Rachel, owner of many beautiful animals. I found her getting her three prize contenders prepared for the show ring. Annie was getting "soaped up" - soap is used to rub the hair in the wrong direction, adding the illusion of extra size to the animal. It's also commonly used for Clydesdales (as if they need to be any bigger).

I could tell Annie was a gentle soul. Also, an excellent model for photos.

The cattle and sheep were very close to each other so I spent my morning and afternoon flitting between the two. While there were three breeds of cows, there was a huge variety of sheep breeds, like this Southdown.

These Herdwicks.

The very pretty Galways.

Distant relatives of Millie, Rosie and Rita: the Kerry Hills.

A Leicester Longwool with a funky hairstyle called Doris.

A huge Clun Forest tip.

The even huger-er Oxford Downs.

Herdwicks again!

Back at Beagh HQ, Pokemon the bull was getting his tail pom-pom!

Belle is only little, so her pom-pom didn't come to much!

Very handsome Pokemon at his first show.

The ladies were understandably a bit calmer.

I took a dander around the cattle area to see what else was on offer. More Moileys.

A winning Belted Galloway.

And lots of wee wee Dexters.

And big wee Dexters.

And wee wee wee Dexters (you get the idea).

Annie in the ring again. It was a tough competition, everyone turned out well and looking their best.

Pokemon's first time in the ring and he did fantastically.

Rachel was pleased.

Belle was the last up for judging.

...But first, I got to take her for a wee walk in her Sophisticated Sheep halter! Used to walking sheep and dogs and small ponies, walking a calf was just as fun.

In fact we were having so much fun, little Belle almost missed her class. One mad dash later and she was in the ring!

After the calf judging, I went back to she sheep. This pen was full of funky sheeps! I would have taken them all home.

There were a pair of mules too.

I met this lovely Kerry Bog Pony, practising her trot for the ring with her owner.

This was my first time seeing these ponies in the flesh and I was instantly charmed with them.

There were also a pair of stunningly beautiful (I'm not biased) Clydesdales.


This Kerry Bog Pony went on to win his class.

I also met my first Rhea bird (called Bambi).

Belle in the ring once again. Despite lying down a few times, she was crowned reserve champion!

Back at the sheep rings, Doris was in an important looking line-up.

Champion Doris!

I had a quick look at the poultry (but I'm not very well qualified to comment on them).

And I saw some pretty Teeswater sheep (I think) in a trailer.

I loved seeing all of these precious breeds. Next time I should bring a trailer and a chequebook!

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